THG Ventures Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “THG Ventures”) is a venture capital management organization co-funded by Tsinghua Holdings Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Tsinghua Holdings”) and the fund management team, and controlled by the latter.
      The team of THG Ventures started in scientific and technological investment in 1999 as the first team that focused on RMB investment in China. This team successively established the “TusPark Incubator” and “TusPark Ventures” and set up a highly stable and experienced team of partners which raised and managed more than 10 venture capital funds in a professional and market-oriented way and invested in about 100 medium, small and micro-sized enterprises. They created a group of star pioneering enterprises, developed an investment concept and team culture with obvious Tsinghua characteristics, realized excellent and stable fund income and gained the recognition and continuous support of various types of contributors like government-guided funds, private capital, financial institutions and donation funds while making a continuous contribution to the development of the Tsinghua industry system.
      In 2016, THG Ventures became the management organization of a sub-fund of the National SME Development Fund, and raised a total of RMB 4.5 billion for the SME Development Fund (Jiangsu Nantong Limited Partnership).
      The team and core members of THG Ventures have won many influential awards in the industry, and have become a representative in RMB venture capital and a leader in domestic university industry equity investment.

  • 9

    Fund duration of 9 years or more

  • 142

    stable investment enterprises

  • 281

    investments in professional fields

  • 8

    IPO high-return IPOs

  • 16

    16 mergers & acquisitions and equity transfers and exits

Data as of December 31, 2016

       The transition from “TusPark Ventures” to “THG Ventures” is an important move in the industry system adjustment of Tsinghua University. “THG Ventures” will inherit and unleash the rich experience and performance capabilities of the fund management team, further consolidate the professional and market-oriented business concept, build a brand-new brand in venture capital management organizations, and comprehensively undertake the early investment and scientific and technological investment in the industrial layout of Tsinghua Holdings. Tsinghua Holdings will continue to be the cornerstone investor of funds raised by THG Ventures. The fund management team will continue to carry out the investment and exit management for funds raised under the “TusPark Ventures” system.

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